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Dental Trauma – Torrance Oral Surgery Center and Dental Implant Center Torrance, CA

Dental Trauma – Torrance Oral Surgery Center and Dental Implant Center

Traumatic dental injuries are common in adolescents especially among those who play sports. Most dental injuries involve chipped teeth and less frequently are dislodged or “knocked-out” teeth.

There are a variety of ways where the dentition can be involved in a trauma:

  • Concussion—No loosening or displacement, tender to palpation.
  • Subluxation—Loosening but no radiographic/clinical displacement.
  • Lateral luxation—displaced laterally.
  • Intrusive luxation—displaced apically into alveolus.
  • Extrusive luxation—displaced coronally, partially out of socket.
  • Avulsion—displaced completely out of socket.

Treatments with different injuries will vary: A concussion injury, treatment is reassurance and advice to not bite on injured tooth for 3 days. Follow up will be needed to evaluate the vitality of the tooth. Subluxation injury, relieve occlusal contacts, soft diet and avoid biting on traumatized teeth. Splinting has not been shown to improve healing. Follow ups should be performed as 12% will lose vitality. Lateral luxation injury, reposition tooth with gentle digital pressure, splint for 10 days. Remove splint and have patient return to function to avoid ankylosis. Intrusive luxation, with damage to blood supply and nerve will lead to pulp necrosis and infection. Will want to reposition the tooth and provide endodontic therapy with in 3-4 weeks before external root resorption occurs. Extrusive luxation, the tooth should be repositioned with firm digital pressure and splinted for 10 days. Regular follow up is needed to evaluate for pulpal necrosis. Avulsion, immediate replacement in the socket is ideal treatment. Inform parents if can’t place tooth back into socket, place in milk or Hank’s balanced salt solution. If left out too long >30 minutes, external resorption is likely as the tooth is non vital.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Even our patients who have been told in the past that they are not good candidates for dental implants have found options at our clinic.

  • Mindy W.

    This is a very welcoming center. Everyone seemed very competent and helpful. I had an oral biopsy today. No waiting. The staff were ready for me and all was in place. Dr. Yagoubian was warm , cheerful and I felt in extremely capable hands. I am so grateful I was referred to him. Sincerely, Mindy W.

  • Raj G.

    Dr. Yagoubian is excellent. I was in state for business when my wisdom tooth broke. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Yagoubian's office. Everyone there was professional and courteous. The procedure went smoothly. Dr. Y is highly skilled, meticulous, and a very personable health care provider (a rarity in the field, in my opinion). If you need an oral surgeon, I highly recommend him.

  • Chahab S.

    Dr Yagoubian is an excellent oral surgeon, supported by a very professional staff. They made the experience as stress-free as possible. Highly recommended.

  • Paul M.

    A positive experience from start to end. I got a sense that this was going to go well and it did. Two extractions, two implants, bone graft and removal of four part bridge. Leaving part of the bridge on one tooth. If there were 10stars they would be for Torrance oral surgery group and Dr. Alicia Wolf / Blanco Demtal Group for recommending Ben.